• computer operator job description salary

    The information that this employee works with can be contained in a variety of formats. And it can work with both text and audio, video and graphic editors, programs for viewing and playback, information Internet resources, etc. You can also enter information into a computer in different ways: type text on a computer, scan (t .e. digitize) text or image, transfer ready-made materials from another medium (disk, flash drive, etc.).

    Field of activity of the computer operator depends on the place of work. One of the options is to enter data into an electronic database of goods in a trade organization. This is a very responsible duty, albeit a rather routine one.

    More creative work among employees of publishing houses, editorial boards of print and Internet projects. There duties can vary from the usual typing, to the processing of audio and video files, creating slide shows, etc. for posting on the site.

    The profession of a computer operator can be attributed to the number of starting. Firstly, to master it, it is enough to get an initial professional education. Secondly, a digital information processor is a PC user who owns several programs at a professional level, the basics of building information systems. This is a good basis for further education in this area.



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